Department entirely dedicated to manufacturing special components and structural works developed according to customer specifications. An advanced laser cutting machine, together with numerically controlled bending machines, allows creating any part of the tank to customer specifications.


UNI EN ISO 9000 certified painting process.
After an accurate process of phosphodegreasing or sand-blasting, the tanks are placed in special ovens where the epoxy powder coating is applied by means of automatic electrostatic guns.
Once the polymerization of the powder has been completed, the product is carefully inspected, checking for any defects and then proceeding with the final packaging, according to the specific needs of each customer.
In addition to the standard RAL 5015 blue color, the SEA painting service is able to supply a wide range of RAL colors with both smooth and textured treatment. We can also offer an anticorrosive painting treatment by the electrostatic application of a primer, to ensure maximum resistance even in harsh environments.


The antibacterial activity of silver has been well known since ancient times.
An antibacterial is an agent that either kills or inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria. The inside of the tanks are coated with ion silver paint that results in a 99.999% reduction of bacterial load and at the same time prevents the growth of mould and mildew. The material used for this type of treatment is approved by the FDA (USA Food & Drugs Administration), EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and registered according to the BPD (Biocidal Products Directive – Europe) making it particularly suitable for the medical field.

*Exclusive and certified treatment


The galvanising process is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 1461 and guaranteed by the relative Declaration of Conformity. The tanks are galvanised internally and externally to protect the steel against corrosion caused by atmospheric agents. The tank is immersed into a bath of molten zinc to form a zinc coating that is metallurgically bonded to the steel, making it corrosionresistant and durable. In addition to making the tank impervious to rust, this procedure increases resistance to chemical and mechanical stresses.


A large warehouse of finished and semifinished products is always available to ensure fast delivery times and constant supply of stock.

Optimisation of loads to guarantee efficiency and savings in shipping. Special packaging to protect products during shipping and use of specific pallets to ensure integrity of the tanks until they reach their final destination.